Wednesday, April 14, 2010

News uploading instruction

Then this is how you fill up the form

Headline--> give any title of news/article

By line--> Your name or the author of the article

Tags--> browse words, correct tag for the news

browse a pic that is right for the news/article

Filed by: Your name

Summery: Summary of the news in 1-2 lines

Enter a link: This is optional. If your news needs to be pasted from a email, then paste that news in enter story--- don't need this then
But if you need to paste URL of news or blog, or if you are cross linking the news then give URL of that news here.

If the news is Youtube:
enter the link this


Upload a file : This is optional. If you are uploading a audio-file you will need it.
Enter story : Copy and paste your blog here, if you do not want to link it-this is optional..and do not need it when URL is given or youtube video is link

Then click publish-and it is published!!!!

If you make a mistake, then just delete the news by hitting right hand top button.. assetid is the number in the URL link of the published news..for example for link of the news
you need to give 144 in delete and hit delete.
In short it is news aggregation system in all forms-mainstream, blog-all kinds of news can be accomodated here.
Please keep uploading and linking your latest news/blogs/videos...

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